In case you’re curious

This is the reverse of the original card used for the banner image of this blog. It might not actually be specifically depicting a Tasmanian Aborigine, but I like to think it is. Those of you who are familiar with the little village of Evandale in the north of Tasmania – and the slopes of Ben Lomond – will find this particularly evocative.

The website from which I ‘harvested’ this image had the following to say. It’s kind of sweet, so I have reproduced it in full:

Advertising Card with Illustration of Aborigine riding a penny farthing bicycle, hunting a kangaroo. Produced for George L. Clapp Manufacturer of Carriages & Sleighs. Ithaca, NY: c. 1870s. 5 x 2 3/4″.

A charming chromolithographic advertising card for an Ithaca, New York carriage manufacturer, with an illustration of an Aborigine on a penny-farthing bicycle, spear in hand, in hot pursuit of a leaping kangaroo. George L. Clapp of Ithaca, NY served in the Union Army in the American Civil War and apparently returned home to manufacture carriages & sleighs. The image is something of a mysterious choice!’


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