If only it hadn’t happened


My friend Kevin Murray has launched a new blog ‘Neverland‘, exploring an imaginary space where Australia might have been colonised by someone other than the British. A problematic proposition if ever there was one. Can any of the nations mentioned demonstrate a track record much better than the British one? If we are going to let out imaginations run free, I prefer the idea of what Australia would have been like if (unimaginable as it might seem) Aboriginal nations were not colonised by anyone. Perhaps the British instead declared the continent a ‘protectorate’, preferring to establish relations based on trade treaties. How would it have been if Australian Aboriginal nations were offered opportunities for cultural and material change, rather than having these forced on them? Absurd?

Aborigines might be understood today as a happy and fulfilled, rather than deficit ridden and ‘tragic’. If only it hadn’t happened the way it did.

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