A Dedication

Yah tawatja! – a salutation in the old language re-envigorated by Keith James Everett back in the 1980s. ‘tawatja’ refers to spirits of our Old People. Jim speaks it as a ‘greeting from the ancestors’.

I have learned more from Jim about our country, our culture and our spirit than from anyone else. He is poet, playwright, story-teller, sailor, fisherman, expert knot-tier and one of our very few ‘clever-men’. I own him an awful lot (but not so much about knots).

I dedicate this blog to Jim in his 70th year. Long may he sail.

November, 2012.

Jim and my son Lewan aboard the Molly, settling into a long starboard tack entering the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, just off Denne’s Point.

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